The associations and clinics listed below are known to support and engage in quality research and/or therapy. If you have any questions about any of these or other institutions, please feel free to contact Dr. Curtis Hsia.

Anxiety Disorder Association for AmericaADAA is a national association that focuses on the the research and treatment of all anxiety disorders.  It also has excellent general information about various anxiety disorders and research.  OCAC often presents research at this conference. 

International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder FoundationIOCDF is unique in that it is focused on people who have OCD in addition to the research, and their conferences often have many individuals who suffer from OCD.  OCAC often present research at this conference.

Trichotillomania Learning Center: A good resource for information about hair-pulling.

Neurobehavioral InstituteHeaded by Drs. Moritz and Hoffman, an innovative center focusing on the use of CBT with anxiety and other disorders in Florida.

Center for Anxiety and Related DisordersAn excellent training center where Dr. Hsia did his postdoctoral fellowship, CARD is the premier site for the treatment and research of anxiety and related disorders in the Northeast, and arguably in the US.

Bio-behavioral InstituteA research based clinic that focuses on OCD and other anxiety disorders in New York, it is where Dr. Hsia did his internship.

Orange County Psychological AssociationA local organization of psychologists encompassing a range of treatment approaches and specializations.

American Psychological AssociationThe largest and most well known psychological association, their website has a wealth of information on a range of topics.

Western Psychological AssociationWPA is a subset of APA, encompassing the western states.

Local Neurology RecommendationOC Neurology, Inc is a well reviewed clinic focusing on the assessment and treatment of neurological disorders.

New iphone app for the treatment of OCD: This new iPhone app was developed by Dr. Mulcahey, and currently OCAC is working with her to further develop this application. The current pilot research has 14 participants enrolled.